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to come to some sort of agreement but we have some fundamental obstacles, house speaker john boehner won't accept higher individual tax hikes, and harry reid says asking the wealthy to pay a their fair share is the right thing to do. >> people making all of this money have to contribute a little bit more. >> in case you missed it the president had an emotional moment when he thanked supporters earlier this week. >> you guys have done [ inaudible ] to make sure what i'm doing is approved and i'm really proud of that, and really proud of all of you, and . . . >> you got to love that. the campaign sent out the video as part of a thank you email to supporters. it did, however, also have a donate button. we're back with more show after the break. happy friday, stay with us. >> make some noise for jim breuer! >> go (bleep) in your (bleep)ing hat. >> i knew he needed to get out of the house i knew this would give him so much life. >> (grunting) >> i love getting a rise out of him. >> nice, good job. >> (grunts) >> goodnight, muffy. >> goodnight. >> love you. >> "more than me
'm encouraged that speaker boehner is making some conciliatory comments. >> stephanie: here is john boehner yesterday. >> there is a mandate in yesterday's results, it's a mandate for us to find a way to work together on the solutions to any challenges that we all face as a nation. >> stephanie: now? now you are going to try to work -- this just make you shake your head having been in the trenches there for the last few years. >> it does. one thing that will change the dynamic is for all of those in the gop leadership who's soul reason for being seem to be denying the president to second term, stop him from accomplishing anything if they could. obviously that motivation is gone. so hopefully that will make them a little more willing to come to the table. i was a little bit struck by something when the speaker talked about this being the president's moment -- the president's time. it seemed to me that this is a shared responsibility. he should be saying, rather it's our time to come together and make this happen rather than we're going to wait for you, mr. president.
into the most vulnerable in our society. >> stephanie: you still you just mentioned john boehner. he is still insisting raising tax rates will destroy jobs. are they going to go back to these old talking points when the american people have spoken so clearly? >> caller: that's not going to work. i don't understand how he's capitulating. many people are trying to figure out whether he's been held captainive again by the tea party folks or whether or not he's going to lead. it's interesting in some of his pronouncements, he said it's time for the president to leave. no it's time for him to leave. he has literally been unable to lead his caucus. this fiscal cliff that we are about to embark on if we don't get changes particularly on that side of the aisle is going to be his responsibility more than anybody else. >> stephanie: i'm looking a the a graph right in front of me. small businesses grew twice as fast with clinton tax rates. that's what we're talking about, right? >> caller: absolutely. you look at how we ended up with, you know, no deficit, et cetera. you can't organs that. i mean, the r
yesterday that would get rid of half of the fiscal cliff right there. can we do that? or is it john boehner who is going to stop that? >> caller: you see, it's hard to read right now. i think there was somewhat of an acknowledgment by everyone in the house that everybody spoke for that fairness for the middle class. that statement that it appearing to be universally popular i believe is on target, and i would hope we can go forward and do that piece, do that tax cut for the middle class and continue to work away at other pieces. >> stephanie: right, well congressman tonko i guess i want to get your take on this. we've heard a lot so far--first of all, it seems that they're feigning yeah, yeah, we're going to compromise, but either it's mitt romney plan for some other tangent for the rich. and they've suggested going over the clip. i'm reading this piece from reuters saying that that could butt levels to where they were in the 90s and they might agree to to a tax deal. there is obviously feeling on both sides. corporate america, but what do you--i know patty murray, dick turban and others ha
to make john boehner's life easier. you know, if ever--you know, you keep seeing this clip of george bush talking about all the political capital he has gained, right? this is the second electoral landslides. >> caller: the first thing that george bush did with that political capital was to privatize social security. that was the beginning of the end. that's when his second term got broken along before all the bad stuff happened. >> stephanie: you talk about this a lot, too, what happens on the sunday shows. >> caller: i took this week off by the way. >> stephanie: i don't know if you saw this, but this is what drives you and i crazy not just about the democratic party but mainstream media. this is the question that was asked of schumer. >> would you like to see the president bring him in for the negotiations over the fiscal cliff. >> caller: shoot me now. >> stephanie: really? >> caller: why? >> stephanie: really the guy that just lost by a landslide. >> caller: first of all, if you were hiring the guy why would you hire the guy? why would you bring aboard the guy whose economic plan was
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5